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Kentucky MDDC
Mature Defensive Driving Course

The 4-hour course is taught by certified instructors and is designed for drivers of all ages especially those that are 55 years of age and older who wish to improve their driving skills.

As we age, it is important to recognize that mature drivers may not have the same thinking and conscious cognitive process as they once did at a younger age. Driving in traffic or through inclement weather, work zones, or even at night becomes more challenging the older we get. There is good news though! Kentucky Safe Driver has a Mature Defensive Driving Course that can assist with some of these challenges while refreshing skill sets that have been previously learned in the past.

By meeting all the vigorous standards set forth by 601 KAR 13:040, our Mature Defensive Driving Program has been approved and certified by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. This course will not only help mature drivers learn new techniques and refresh old skill sets but it has information that is specific to Kentucky.

Learn new techniques and refresh old skill sets to make you a safer driver and equip yourself with skills and knowledge to prevent crashes and avoid violations.

Are you age 55 or older?
Are you interested in getting a car insurance discount?
Are you looking to learn skills to make you a safer driver?